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Manage your
money most effectively!




Manage your
money most effectively!

“The Pie” is a personal digital financial adviser that helps you understand how you spend your money, and what you can do to implement your plans better.

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Tracking of personal money
is like to get up at 5:30 each day:
everybody knows that it is beneficial
but too tricky to do. Why is it important?

There is plenty
of marketing offerings to save money (loyalty clubs, discounts)
but too difficult to analyze it all

Lack of instruments to
track money: banks are not
reliable, their goal is to sell you
a new product (credit)

Financial trackers have no recommendations, so the value is limited

There are the opportunities to pay less for casual personal activity, but it’s too complicated to calculate how

Now there is
a solution
Service “The-Pie”

The system

What the system does

The system

System Pie - analyzes your spending, using an intelligent network of algorithms evaluates the place, the method, and principle according to which you make a decision. Pie database collects prices and other parameters of thousands of shops, restaurants, banks, insurance companies, etc. As a result of the work, you receive not only a detailed report but also personal recommendations that will allow you to solve current tasks more effectively - save without reducing of consumption, accumulate without plunging into all offers on the market. The Pie will show where and how you can save money, how to plan a budget, how to increase revenues. Pie not only helps to save your money one time, but it will also support you with solutions to make it leisurely follow the recommendations each day

What the system does
  1. Analyzes your expenses in a detailed form, divides into groups, tools, and needs.
  2. Provides recommendations for managing of money and resources
  3. Helps to analyze your needs and prioritize them
  4. Tells you how to save on shopping, banking, transportation.
  5. Helps to make personal plans, and budgets, including individual events


of the recommendation

Every month you buy products in the grocery store near the home for an amount of more than 600 CHF, while the local cost of food is higher than the average by 10 - 15%. You can use the online delivery of these products to your home and save about 1100 CHF / year. Pie will help you plan everything.

Try delivery

The average price of fuel on the station that you use is higher by 8% than average. There is another station on your standard way,
use it and save 500 CHF/year.

The insurance plan you use is not optimal. Change it and save up to 2500CHF/year.

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How it works


You leave your
contacts, and our manager
contacts you


Fill out the form and
enter data in a convenient


We analyze
all data


After two days you get
an extended report
with recommendations

Data protection

and price

All data that we receive from you is confidential and is not subject to disclosure to third parties. All data is stored and analyzed using the encryption systems. Price. There is no permanent fee for using of Pie; you pay 20% of the money we save for you.

Take the first step towards personal financial management!

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